The design of advertising and printed materials

Printed materials go beyond just the combination of paper and images. In today's world, they have become an integral part of everyday life, utilized across various business sectors.

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We will contact you in a few minutes

Why your design needs to be unique


Increasing recognitionEnhance brand recognition by attracting customer attention and making the company stand out in the market, distinguishing it from competitors


Establishing a professional imageAdvertising and printing create a professional image of the business, increase customer trust, and form a positive impression of the company


Dissemination of informationAdvertising and printing convey information about the business, products, and services, including data, contacts, special offers, and discounts


Targeted advertisingAdvertising and printing allow for engaging exclusively the necessary target audience of the product or service consumers

QB Tools - advertising that makes us dream!

Speak IT

Designing a certificate for the 'Speak it' school with a mesh gradient background

Urban art festival

A colorful poster for a pop art festival. Characteristic elements of pop art were used to attract attention and emphasize the creativity of the events


Menu for the sushi bar Sunrise. Clear and attractive design that helps to attract the attention of costumers and simplifies the choice of dishes

agro etalon

The design of printed materials for Agro Etalon is maintained in a simple and recognizable style, based on corporate yellow and green colours and simple shapes


Business cards for the American agency Human are simple and minimalist, reflecting the directness and efficiency of the approach. The colour scheme of the business cards matches the agency's corporate colours - blue and red, enhancing recognition and professional image

Fusion Luxe

Minimalist and modern design for the FusionLuxe interior design studio catalogue

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