The instant feedback service

The solution for receiving instant feedback from tablets at offline points of sale to assess customer loyalty levels and key indicators related to the quality of service or products

We will contact you in a few minutes

We will contact you in a few minutes

How does the instant feedback system work?

The customer purchases at your retail store's offline point of sale

Using a tablet at the checkout area, the customer leaves instant feedback

The feedback is sent to the manager, who can react to it instantly

What are the advantages of the service?

Increasing brand trust

Customer reviews are integrated with the option to leave feedback on Google Maps, enhancing the trust of potential buyers

Identifying weaknesses

The service based on customer experience allows identifying weaknesses in service and deficiencies in business processes

Increased Sales

Potential customers will be more inclined to choose your products due to the improved trust in the brand based on reviews

Detailed analytics

Detailed analytics allow you to respond to each review individually and make necessary decisions based on the collected data

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