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We pay special attention to graphic and creative design that catches the eye, sets us apart from competitors, and makes people want to try your product

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We will contact you in a few minutes

Why should your design be unique


Customer attentionUnique design attracts attention and creates a positive first impression of the product


Image Design reinforces the brand image, reflecting its values and uniqueness


PositioningUnique design is targeted towards the target audience and reflects the product's positioning in the market


SalesThoughtful design stimulates sales by emphasizing the benefits and value of the product


ImpressionQuality design creates a positive and emotional impression of the company and the product

QB Tools - Design that speaks

BIG Self

The packaging design combines modern and minimalist elements, giving it a stylish and understated look


The Brasa logo is designed in a modern style with bold and clear font, emphasizing the masculinity, strength and confidence of the brand

Spring Drink

A vibrant packaging design with a positive mood. Juicy shades of lemon yellow, bright green, and fresh orange convey liveliness and refreshing taste

Almost Dead

We've created a bold and eye-catching packaging design for the Almost Dead soda brand. Bright colours with graffiti-style artwork convey energy and attract the attention of young people


We've created a soft and cozy packaging design for Nutriojoy, a granola manufacturer. Pastel tones and hand-drawn illustrations convey freshness, associate with naturalness, and evoke positive emotions in consumers

Table Ware

The pastel tones add softness and a stylish look to the packaging, while the expressive Table ware logo underscores the brand's own identity

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